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SynchroPhasor-based Automatic Real-time Control (SPARC)

In a future sustainable power system there will be large shares of renewable generation, but also more changes in consumption and more cross-border transmission. Thus, the operation of the power system becomes more challenging, and calls for better methods and tools to operate the system.

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The application of Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs) is widely recognized to offer relevant benefits. A PMU measures voltage and current and with these measurements calculates parameters such as frequency, active power (MW), reactive power (MVAR) and phase angle. They can be installed at relevant locations in the transmission system and be time-synchronized by GPS, offering real-time information that is useful for the power system operators.

The experience of using SynchroPhasor-based information (i.e. time-synchronized PMU data) in the operation of the power system is still, however, relatively limited, and their potential is not fully exploited. Present SynchroPhasor-based applications are mostly confined to passive monitoring and not for automatic real-time control of the power system.

The SPARC project will address present gaps in the existing knowledge and will contribute to the development of methods and tools for automatic control and wide area protection in transmission systems. This is vital to ensure efficient and stable operation of the future sustainable power system. The project has strong support from all Nordic Transmission System Operators (TSOs) which are already aiming at exploiting more PMU technologies for their control rooms in the future.


The project is partly financed by The Research Council of Norway  


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Project duration

2018 - 2022