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KogniGrid - Digital Twin for distribution grids

Kongsberg Digital is leading the way towards the digitalized energy system of the future with its KogniGrid project.

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Kongsberg Digital, BKK Nett, NTE Nett, Statnett, Microsoft, SINTEF, and eSmart Systems are collaborating on the development of information systems for modern grid operations.


Gridcompanies going digital, improving its efficiency across the existing systems it is using, is dependent on efficient system integration. The KogniGrid project handles this with KONGSBERG's digital platform Kognifai. The project will establish a open information model with an integrated simulator environment. This will take care of future needs as new load profiles emerge and the proportion of renewable energy increases resulting in increased complexity and need for automation.

With KogniGrid, the grid companies can automate their processes to a much greater extent than today. Online co-simulations will assist operators and planners in a more dynamic interaction when the complexity of grid operations increases. This interaction will be based on a modern ICT infrastructure, use of artificial intelligence, and advanced physical models. At the same time, a more modern system solution will enable the grid companies to maintain a more comprehensive and complete picture of operating situations and scenarios. Among other things, all of this will contribute to lower grid costs, improved information security, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

For more information, contact Kristoffer Nyborg Gregertsen (SINTEF Digital) or John Tande (SINTEF Energi).

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2018 - 2021

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