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Development of materials and processes for 3D-printing of components for fire stopping vents

The objective of this project is to develop an intumescent material and a corresponding production process for automated industrial production of components for a patented type of fire stopping vents for buildings.

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An illustration of Securo's patented FireBreather concept. Left: A vent in the normal venting state. Right: a vent in a fire; a metal grid blocks the spread of flames and embers, while the intumescent component seals the vent.

Securo AS develops and produces vents (ventilation grilles) with a patented passive mechanism which blocks the spread of flames, heat and embers with immediate effect in the case of fire.

These vents contain a component in an intumescent material which swells and seals the vent when heated in a fire. Today some intumescent components are built manually in order to meet the requirements of the individual customer, in particular regarding the outer dimensions. The manual production steps limit the productivity and the possibilities for upscaling. With increasing demand in the market, Securo needs a faster and automated production process, which still needs to be flexible in terms of product dimensions and geometry.

The project aims at developing a new material and a new production process, with the material being optimised for the process. The material properties must fulfill the strict requirements of FireBreather vents regarding the response in a fire, as well as weather resistance and HSE.

The project is supported by Regionalt forskningsfond Midt-Norge. The project partners are Securo AS, Minoko AS and SINTEF Industry.

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Project duration

2017 - 2019