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The primary objective of this project is to develop optimized gasification and secondary combustion chambers for the two-staged thermal waste conversion in the TeamTec technology based on advanced CFD modelling combined with experimental development. The process as a whole will achieve NOx and CO emissions below the European legislation with only primary measures for NOx reduction, contributing to a more environmentally friendly process and energy efficient process, as well as increased cost efficiency for TeamTec.

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TeamTec is currently developing a new innovative small-scale (0.5-2MWth) Waste-to-Energy (WtE) technology which is a modular, containerized solution including energy regeneration (heat and electricity). Due to the modular solution (5 standard shipping containers), the plant is easy to transport and assemble. It is also a target for this new technology to comply and even be well below the stringent EU WID emission limits, and it is crucial that this is achieved without the need for a dedicated NOx reduction system.

The new WtE technology is based on gasification of the waste in a crossdraft reactor followed by combustion of the product gas in a secondary chamber. The system also includes shredding, storage and transport system for the waste, boiler, power generation, gas cleaning system, and a continuous emission monitoring system.

The CompactWtE project focus will be on heat integration, mixing behaviour, air staging and flue gas recirculation, through a combination of theoretical, modelling and experimental work, in a close collaboration between SINTEF Energy Research and TeamTec.

Small-scale heat and power production from waste is relevant both in the national and international markets since it reduces the associated risks with large investment costs and the need for large feedstock amounts. This aspect is particularly important for the Norwegian conditions where the population and feedstock availability is more dispersed. The successful development and testing of this new compact WtE technology will also fulfil the waste management need in several niche markets such as isolated communities, acute situations, and military facilities.

Project partner: TeamTec

This is an Innovation project with support from The Research Council of Norway


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