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CARBCOATPRO – Stimuli responsive layered double hydroxide/CARBon nanotube based COATings with multi-level corrosion PROtection

The CARBCOATPRO project aims at developing innovative multi-level protective "smart"coatings with enhanced "self-healing" active protection properties, to improve the long-term performance of metallic substrates.

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Chromatebased coatings are widely used as corrosion preventive surface treatment. The use of Cr6+ in home appliances and automotive parts has already been prohibited in Europe due to its carcinogenicity, mutagenicity and teratology. The increasing needs for high-performance Cr6+-free coatings demand development of new systems with active corrosion protection.

Functionalised layered double hydroxide (LDH)/carbon nanotube (CNT) additives will be incorporated into hybrid (POSS) based coatings. The expected impacts are:

  1. improved products at acceptable costs with respect to current existing technologies
  2. reduced usage of hazardous materials
  3. sustainability of developed technology throughout the entire products life cycle.

The environmentally-friendly products will bring significant economic benefits to the transport industry (automotive, aerospace) and building industry without harmful impacts on both the environment and the society.


  • SINTEF, Coordinator
  • SMT, Portugal
  • HYDRO, Norway

This project has received funding from Research Council of Norway-NANO2021, Foundation of Science and Technology (Portugal), Basque Innovation Agency (Spain) via the European Union's M.ERA.Net Programme for research.


Christian Rone Simon

Christian Rone Simon

Senior Business Developer
Juan Yang

Juan Yang

Senior Research Scientist

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Project duration

01/03/2016 - 31/12/2018