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Validation of shiphandling simulation models (SimVal)

Important work on the validation of shiphandling manoeuvring models is being conducted in the R&D project SimVal (“Sea Trials and Model Tests for Validation of Shiphandling Simulation Models”, founded by the Research Council of Norway).

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The main objective of the project is to develop and apply a method for the validation of numerical ship models used in engineering tools for studies of ships' manoeuvring performances in deep and restricted waters, and in ship handling training simulators. To achieve this goal, both captive and free-running model tests will be used in concert with full scale tests.

SINTEF and NTNU have completed both calm water and harsh-weather sea trials with NTNU's research vessel "R/V Gunnerus". Among others, the sea trials includes manoeuvres given in the IMO's "Standards for Ship Manoeuvrability" (IMO Resolution MSC.137(76)) and selected low speed tests.
Furthermore, calm water sea trails for Torghatten Nord's ferry M/F Landegode were performed in August 2013. Captive model tests have been conducted in the towing tank during autumn 2013 with models of both "R/V Gunnerus" and "M/F Landegode". Free-running model tests with "R/V Gunnerus" will be conducted in Q1 2014 in the Ocean Basin. SINTEF's Vessel Simulator, VeSim, is a real-time (or faster) time-domain simulator which combines seakeeping and manoeuvring in a single code. This powerful simulation tool will be used in SimVal.

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