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Concept Phase for New Hospital Unit for Psychiatry, Sørlandet hospital

There is a need for better facilities for today's psychiatric unit at Sørlandet hospital (SSHF) in Kristiansand, Norway. Today it is old and inconvenient in terms of quality and operation. SSHF has decided to implement a concept phase to examine the possibilities for development of a new psychiatric unit. There are day calls for adult psychiatry in Kristiansand and Arendal, and four additional community mental health centres (DPS). The study is funded by the health authority and implemented in accordance with the Competence network for hospital planning's supervisor for early planning. It is implemented parallel work on development of the whole health authority, as this concept phase will be included.

Concept Phase for New Hospital Unit for Psychiatry, Sørlandet hospital
Concept Phase for New Hospital Unit for Psychiatry, Sørlandet hospital

SINTEF is the project manager for the implementation of the concept phase, which will end with a concept report. We have analysed the current and expected future activity in the specialist health services, and we are developing a functional program, a description of future features, and passenger and cargo flow that will be the basis for solutions. Cooperation between municipalities and the specialist health care, and the relationship between hospital units and DPS is important clarifications in the design basis. Important issues discussed are how many days it shall be called, and whether it should be limited places in both DPS and hospital units in the future.

As a basis for business analyses activity data for the hospital are used, demographic changes are added and we are looking at the effects of various change drivers to arrive at a design basis.

Future buildings for mental health services focus on safety, security, facilitation of various treatments (individual and groups), various activities (training, outdoor and indoor activities), efficient use of resources, and they must be flexible for changes. SINTEF has initiated evaluations before and after the project start and has completed a prestudie with interviews with staff and patient representatives, conducted surveys and collected basic data. This has been turned into a major project where several other units in Norway also are included.

Along with Nordic architects, Faveo project management and project management from Sørlandet hospital we arrive at alternative enterprise and solution proposals, and put forward a proposal for a decision of the Board of SSHF the spring of 2014. Moreover, this must be submitted to an external evaluation before the inclusion in the regional health enterprise's investment plan.

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Project duration

01/04/2014 - 01/01/2013

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