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New one-step process for the preparation of targeting stealth nanoparticles for drug delivery and molecular imaging

SINTEF Materials and Chemistry is developing a method that can improve the diagnosis and treatment of many different diseases. This method may lead to an easier process to treat the exact place in the body with the right amount of medicine.

For many diseases, like cancer and diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, there is a need for more targeting treatments than those available today. The best medicines that are in use today are so powerful that they can cause serious side effects if they hit healthy tissue. In traditional medication only 0.1 % of the drug is delivered to the diseased tissue. Nanocapsules may be used to encapsulate drugs and contrast agents for targeted treatment and diagnosis.
Target-seeking medication is more efficient, gives a drastic reduction of the amount of medication needed and reduces side effects.

We are developing a novel preparation method for targeting nanocapsules. SINTEF's new technology differs from existing solutions by consisting of only one step. The capsule material used is rapidly degradable, many different types of liquids and solids may be encapsulated in large quantities, and the capsule shell has a high mechanical stability. With the new process, this type of nanocapsules can be prepared with precise control of structure and composition at a much lower cost than with existing processes.

End-users of the technology are physicians and their patients, who will get access to improved diagnosis and treatment leading to increased quality of life of patients.

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Project duration

01/01/2013 - 30/09/2015