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Concept Phase for New Office Wing at Nordland Hospital, Bodø, Norway

The need for office space in hospitals is increasing, and the modernisation project of Nordland Hospital has decided to implement a concept phase for the construction of an office wing for clinical office functions, in addition to its other development and reconstruction of the hospital. There is also a need to look at opportunities to use the building as a relief for the rest of the building project when it comes to building and running hospitals in the same place. The assessment carried out in accordance with the supervisor for the Competence Network for hospital planning.

Concept Phase for New Office Wing at Nordland Hospital, Bodø, Norway
Concept Phase for New Office Wing at Nordland Hospital, Bodø, Norway

The modernisation of Nordland Hospital in Bodø consists of both the remodeling of existing buildings and new construction. The basis for modernisation was laid in 2006, and in the meantime, the organisation changed and new functions and positions have emerged. There are currently a total of 755 office spaces in the hospital. A new office wing will cover an increased need of more than 200 office spaces in addition to what has already been planned. In addition, there is a need to establish new areas of pharmacy and for a data center.
The project is funded by the health authorities.

SINTEF is the project manager and has developed a functional program, described future office functions, retail and supply chain are the basis for solutions. Developments in hospitals with short turnaround times for patients, interdisciplinary collaboration, telemedicine, need for knowledge transfer to local authorities and decentralised specialist health care, as well as the need to recruit and retain competent professionals have implications for how future office jobs in hospitals should be. Along with Ratio Architects and the project management from Nordlandssykehuset we arrived at alternative solutions and presented a proposal for a decision of the Board of Nordland Hospital in December 2013.

Key Factors

Project duration

01/08/2013 - 31/12/2013

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