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SPESNETT - Voltage quality in smart grids

The project har developed an automatic event analysis software(AHA).

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The program performs automatic diagnosis of events in the power grid on the basis of continuous voltage measurements. The program will help to streamline event analysis / fault analysis by observation of voltage disturbances that cause problems for the operation of the network and for customers. The software will also provide data for Statistical analyses.

Comprehensive descriptions of how Smart Power (AMS) can be used to monitor the state of the low-voltage network are developed. This can be an useful aid in both network planning and everyday network operation including customer complaints. All advanced meters contracted for installation in Norway within 2019, will have voltage monitoring features.

The project have conducted several field tests of challenging electrical appliances including three phase ground heat pumps, three phase sewage pumps and single-phase fast charging of (7kW) Tesla Model S. The tests show that several individual electrical appliances/products will create disturbances in many Norwegian low voltage grids where disturbances will be greater than what would be considered acceptable. A report on challenging electrical appliances (UEA)is published.

This work has clarified for the nettwork Companies the relationship between the electrical characteristics of appliences/Products and the disturbance levels in the network. It also provides recommendations for network strength in both IT- and Tn Networks. It is made a guide for electro integrators of UEA on how to avoid degraded voltage quality for consumers and prosumers in the low voltage grid. The guide will hopefully contribute to avoid unnecessary troubles for both the grid customers and the distribution grid operator.

There has been done simulations on different penetration rates of solar cells in a characteristic IT-network. These simulations will be an important contribution to network planning, especially in Norway where 70% of the lowvoltage network is IT.

Finally, it is made a comprehensive Electronic handbook in voltage quality for network Companies and consultants. It contains theory and guidelines and recommendations in network planning, event analysis and customer service.

Project owner: Energy Norway

This is an IPN-project (Innovation project for the industry) financed by the Research Council of Norway.

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2012 - 2017

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