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Patient Categorisation

Every 5 years since 1979 SINTEF has performed nationally extensive registries of patients in mental health care. The registries have included all patients in 24-hour institutions and under private care at the time of registry. From 1989 onwards patients under treatment at out-patient clinics and with psychologists/-psychiatrists in private practice were also included in the registries. The last registry was undertaken in 2007/2008.

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Patient Categorisation
Patient Categorisation

This time a mapping of patients in interdisciplinary addiction treatment in the specialist health care services (TSB) is also to be performed. Largely, the same categorizing tools are used in both PHV and TSB.

On 20 November this year the mapping of patients admitted to 24-hour wards in mental health care (PHV) and in interdisciplinary addiction treatment in the specialist health care services (TSB) will be done. On assignment from the Norwegian Directorate of Health, the project is to shed light on the following issues:

Which municipal services there are undiscovered needs of in certain regions, what is the cause of these undiscovered needs, how the municipalities and the specialist health care services collaborate on the treatment of each individual patient, as well as recognizing the characteristics of patients who have an especially low level of their needs covered. Largely, this information is not found in the patient registry (NPR) or in any other registry, so there is a need for a unique categorization in this context.
A reference group for PHV and TSB, respectively, has been established. Among other tasks, it aims to give valid contributions to the work on developing categorizing forms to be used in 24-hour treatment and in out-patient clinic treatment. The reference groups include representatives from the regional health enterprises, the arrangement specialists, the Norwegian Directorate of Health and the user organizations Mental Health and RIO. In addition, other sector employees or people with an interest in the key issues are all welcome to browse the draft for the form, its comments and contributions. The project has its own blog, with the opportunity to add comments and points of view.

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