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NANOBARRIER – Extended shelf-life biopolymers for sustainable and multifunctional food packaging solutions

SINTEF Materials and Chemistry, along with 15 partners, will develop multi-functional packaging solutions to improve the properties and performance.

The current bioplaster can no longer compete with the existing petroleum based packaging options. The new multi-function packaging solutions will have more durability. It will also be able to indicate what the material has been exposed to, e.g. function as a temperature indicator. This is particularly important in terms of food security. The packaging helps extend shelf life and protect their products to ensure maximum quality and a reduction of waste.

The overall goal of the Nano Barrier is to realize innovative, safe multi-functional packaging solutions by developing a sustainable nanotechnology, which is integrated into the biomaterials. To achieve this overall S & T target, three design levels have been identified: Nanotechnology-based component design, material-integrated design and sustainable product.

Component design will contribute to the improvement of the barrier properties of biopolymers. It will be developed a barrier against moisture and oxygen exposure, as well as sensors to detect changes in the environment inside and outside the container. In the second design level, efforts shall be made to integrate nanostructures in the biomaterials in a safe and responsible manner. The third set of S & T objectives related to sustainable demonstrators advocated sign. Since more than 70% of the actual environmental impact of new products, are already being provided in the design process, environmental aspects are taken into account in all steps in the preparation of packaging solutions.

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Key Factors

Project duration

01/03/2012 - 29/02/2016

Further information:
Cordis, Project reference: 280759