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Innovative Automated and Adaptive Manufacturing of low-pressure turbine vanes (IHAP) is aiming at a higher automation level in manufacturing of jet motor turbine vanes at GKN Aerospace Norway, resulting in less labour intensive production.

Jet motor turbine. Foto: GKN Aerospace Norway

IHAP is a user controlled innovation project (BIA) sponsored by the Norwegian Research Council. Targets of automation are internal transport, part handling and fixturing, machining and documentation. The project is organized in the following research areas with underlying work packages:

  • Production system design and development
  • Process development for automation
  • Agent-based distributed control


The general results obtained in the project will be presented in a set of demonstrators, both physical and virtual, for technology transfer to other industrial sectors. The project is coordinated with the national SFI Norman program and the European IFaCOM (Intelligent Fault Correction and Self Optimization Manufacturing) project.

The project is expected to develop and industrialize a series of new manufacturing concepts developed in the research community during the last few years. Specifically, the following results are expected:

  • Reduced time consumption
  • Increased utilization of manufacturing equipment
  • Reduced quality assurance cost
  • Reduced throughput time
  • Reduced work in process


The consortium includes six partners: the end-user, a machine builder, manufacturing cell integrator, manufacturing software developer, research community and the university sector.

Key Factors

Project duration

01/09/2012 - 31/05/2016