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DeVID will contribute to added value based on cost efficient solutions and increased productivity for customers, Distribution System Operators and vendor industry. This will be achieved through development, demonstration and verification.

Secondary goals supporting the main objective

  • Develop reference architecture and use case description as a framework for Smartgrids.
  • Develop and test methods for how smart meters and smart MV/LV substations contribute to a more efficient operation of the grid.
  • Develop and test methods for decision making support for planning, maintenance and renewal of existing infrastructure, based on Smartgrids solutions
  • Develop methods for risk evaluations related to information security/cyber security for smart meters.
  • Develop and test methods for establishing and utilisation of demand response.
  • Establish a data base for publication of the project results.

The secondary goals will be supported by demonstration activities at Smart Energy Hvaler and Demo Steinkjer – and through this make the results more valuable to be deployed in full scale.

Published 02 October 2014
Research Scientist
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Project duration

2012 - 2015