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AERTO Value from Waste and Critical Materials

"Value from waste and critical materials" is an AERTO initiative aiming on sustainable recovery of scarce metals and safe management of nanowaste. The projects' overall objective is to foster greater RTO cooperation within Europe and to achieve important efficiency gains by exploiting synergies within the field of recycling technologies in order to create value from waste in a sustainable manner.

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Europe must ensure its supplies of scarce metals as the industrial production in Europe is dependent on these resources. Europe can take a world lead in exploiting the existing materials in waste streams by creating innovative and profitable methods for recycling scarce materials. A joint effort is necessary to establish these methods – both from a systems perspective and from a technological solutions perspective.

Apart from coordinating the project, SINTEF ICT is looking into the possibility of assessing sensor technologies (mainly based on x-ray and plasma emission) with a potential for detecting critical metals from waste.

SINTEF MC is directing the efforts in developing innovative pyrometallurgical and electrolytic extraction techniques for the recovery of rare earth elements from WEEE (waste from electrical and electronic equipment). Moreover, SINTEF MC is also involved in investigations dealing with the safe management of nanoparticles in waste treatment processes.

The following partners are involved in this AERTO's consortium (Associated European Research and Technology Organizations): Fraunhofer Gesellschaft FhG and German Federal Ministry of Research and Education (Germany); VTT and the Ministry of Employment and the Economy (Finland); French Atomic Energy Commission CEA and the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research (France); Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research TNO and the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs (Netherlands); Tecnalia and the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (Spain); SINTEF and the Research Council of Norway (Norway).

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01/01/2012 - 01/01/2014