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Research approach and Sub-projects

Methods to be used for achieving the project goals include:

  • Theoretical studies:
  • Fundamental studies, including the development and/or use of advanced models and simulation tools.
  • Experiments in torrefaction reactor
  • Small-scale laboratory experiments
  • Existing and planned new experimental setups in the SINTEF/NTNU laboratories
  • Use of conventional and advanced measurements equipment


The project activities are divided into 4 subprojects (SP) which are further divided in smaller work packages (WP)

SP1 Fuel upgrading and intelligent fuel mixing

  • Torrefactions
  • Fuel upgrading option

SP2 Biomass and biomass residues combustion plants operational stability

  • Combustion properties of torrefied fuels
  • Guidelines and feasibility studies for the utilisation of torrefied fuels in combustion plants

SP4 Education

  • Goal: Long-term competence building and the strengthening of education within fuel upgrading and combustion
  • Ph.D.: "Thermal fuel pretreatment methods for biomass and waste"
  • Dissemination activities for our industrial partners through seminars and workshops
  • Knowledge building through the education of at least 2 master students/year

SP5 Technology monitoring and dissemination

  • Technology monitoring
  • Dissemination