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Smart Regions - Promoting best practices of innovative smart metering services to European regions

Smart metering technology has a great potential to achieve cost-efficient energy savings, and its effective use is crucial in achieving the 2016 and 2020 energy efficiency targets in Europe. Moreover, smart meters play an important role in smart grids and reaching the EU 20% renewable energy source target by 2020. However, smart meters themselves are only enabling technologies, which need to be coupled with innovative end-user services to achieve better energy management through the means of rewards, automation and information.

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The task of the SmartRegions project was to promote the uptake of innovative smart metering services such as informative billing and feedback, variable tariffs and demand response services that have the most potential to bring about energy savings and peak load reduction.

The project activities have included:

  • Monitoring the smart metering landscape in European countries, and providing recommendations for the policy and regulatory frameworks to promote smart metering services;
  • Defining the best practices in innovative smart metering services and creating a tool to analyze economic, environmental and social costs and benefits;
  • Promoting the best practices in innovative smart metering services in the project regions and by promoting exemplary smart metering services as models for other Member States and regions.

SINTEF Energi AS was a partner in the EU-project "SmartRegions".

Reference group

  • Eidsiva Nett, Anne S. Nysæther
  • Hafslund, Per Edvard Lund
  • NVE, Arne Venjum
  • NTE, Torbjørn Opland
  • Istad Nett, Gerhard Eidså
  • Powel, Kjetil Storset
  • Skagerak Nett, Ivan Schytte
  • EB, Rune Kvam
  • Agder, Trond Holvik
  • EnergiNorge, Audun H. Wilberg

Project partners

  • Jyväskylä Innovation Ltd (project coordination), Finland
  • Benet Ltd / Central Finland Energy Agency, Finland
  • SINTEF Energi AS, Norway
  • EnCT GmbH, Germany
  • Austrian Energy Agency, Austria
  • NL Agency, The Netherlands
  • The Polish National Energy Conservation Agency, Poland
  • Institute for Studies and Power Engineering (ISPE), Romania
  • University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania
  • ESCAN, S.A., Spain

Enova SF was financing the Norwegian activity in connection with the project.


  Pressemelding 28. november 2012 - "Europeisk Landskapsrapport for AMS 2012"
  Pressemelding 22. februar 2011 - "Europeisk Landskapsrapport for AMS"
  D2.1 Europeisk smart Metering Landscape Report
  D3.1 Criteria Report
  Avanserte Måle- og Styringssystemer (AMS): Nøkkelen til forbedret energiledelse
  SmartRegions Brosjyre (engelsk)
  SmartRegions Brosjyre (norsk - for utskrift)
  SmartRegions Brosjyre (norsk - for web)
  Smart metering for residential customers
  Smart metering for Commercial/Public customers
  AMS for husholdning - smartere bruk av elektrisitet
  AMS for næring - smartere bruk av elektrisitet
  Anbefalinger til regulering av tjenester og prisinsentiver basert på smarte målere (AMS)

Key Factors

Project duration

2010 - 2013