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Secondary Language as a Joint Subject on the 6th – 7th Grade 2010-2012 – A Trial

The trial of offering a foreign language at the 6th -7th grade is a project directed by the Norwegian Directorate of Education and Training. It spanned 2 years from autumn 2010 until spring 2012. SINTEF has been responsible for evaluating the project from beginning until its end.

Secondary Language as a Joint Subject on the 6th – 7th Grade 2010-2012 – A Trial
Secondary Language as a Joint Subject on the 6th – 7th Grade 2010-2012 – A Trial. Photo:

During these 2 years approximately 2300 pupils started studying a foreign language at primary level (6th grade), and approximately 1700 pupils completed both years of language studies. Originally, 74 schools signed up, and in spring 2012 71 schools remained in the trial, whereas 68 schools completed the whole trial.  Around 130 teachers taught foreign languages during the two years this trial was ongoing; the final figures indicate that at the time of the trial’s end, 124 teachers taught foreign languages.

During this trial, the schools have been given the chance to teach according to two separate models:

  • The progression model
  • The introduction model

The progression model’s primary objective is for the pupils to develop good language skills in a foreign language. The pupils are regularly taught in the secondary language they are to learn over the span of the trial’s two years.

The introduction model aims for the pupils to get to know other languages. The pupils are given a sample of different languages the schools are able to offer tutoring in, and this is done in order to assist them in their choice of language to study in the 8th grade. Both models are to provide motivation and eagerness to learn languages later on, but they have slightly different curriculums. Most schools selected the progression model (approx. 80 %). The trial has an average of 2 sessions per week (each 60 minutes) and in most cases the pupils have voluntarily chosen to take part. In the evaluation of the foreign language trial on the 6th – 7th level we have concentrated on the parallels between resource input, implementation and the learning benefit for pupils. Some framework - and input measures have proven to be more central than others in terms of perceived experience, motivation and learning benefit.

The project group has consisted of:

Siri Mordal 

Bjørg Eva Aaslid
Beate Lindemann, University of Tromsø

The Norwegian Directorate of Education and Training

Project nr.: 102001069

Key Factors

Project duration

15/09/2010 - 01/04/2013


Download the report: To år med fremmedspråk - erfaringer og betraktninger (Norwegian, pdf 3 MB)