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ECCO – European value Chain for CO2

Tool design

The ECCO tool for economic analysis will have a modular structure allowing multiple modules in a value chain. Different modules can then be implemented in a value chain by ‘drag and drop’.

Input parameters to the tool will be local parameters like price of oil, gas, electricity and CO2 emissions quotas and global parameters like CO2 capture efficiency, cost characteristics for CO2 capture, pipe length, infrastructure, etc.

The tool will provide following functionalities:

  • Evaluation of economics of a given CO2 chain
  • Modelling of incremental oil recovery as a result of CO2 injection
  • Dynamic network models of the CO2 market
  • The ability to test regulatory regime scenarios to understand and overcome market imperfections
  • The re-organisation of existing equity shares
  • Optimisation of possible decision paths

Examples of how the modular structure of the tool can be used to analyse different value chains are given below. All examples show different options for value chains including two CO2 sources and one storage site, but in general the tool will be applicable for one or many CO2 sources linked to one or many storage locations.

Icons representing different modules in the value chains below.

Case 1- Two CO2 sources sharing one CO2 capture plant and CO2 transported by pipeline to the storage site.

Case 2- Two CO2 sources with one CO2 capture plant each and CO2 transported by a common pipeline to the storage site.

Case 3- Two CO2 sources with separate CO2 capture plants and transport solutions connected to a common storage site.