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Concept for power quality and reliability measurement and management (PQM)

The objective of the PQM project was to develop a new concept for power quality and reliability measurement and management. This should be done by developing and evaluating new and existing methods for measuring and handling large amounts of power quality data. A commercial part, developing a new low-cost PQ measuring device, was also part of the project.

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Distribution grid
Distribution grid Photo: SINTEF
  • The project's community/utility objective was to develop and evaluate a new concept for quality of supply management in electrical power systems with special emphasis on power systems with distributed generation. This included measurement, documentation and estimation of quality of supply parameters related to power system reliability and power system quality. The intention was that this would aid the different project stakeholders in achieving the best balance between costs and quality.
  • The objective of the commercial part of the project was to develop new instruments, software and services for power quality measurement and management for the international market based on a new measurement patent held by SINTEF Energy Research.
  • The PQM project was a KMB project (Competance Building project) sponsored by the Norwegian Research Council in the RENERGI programme.
  • It was supported by several network, software and industry companies in Norway and also the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

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Project duration

2007 - 2011

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