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Prevention of infections and environmental monitoring offshore

We have high-level expertise in the diagnosis of bacteria on board vessels and offshore installations.

Since 1985, SINTEF has cooperated continuously with the petroleum and diving sectors on the Norwegian continental shelf. Our cooperation has covered both research and analyses aimed at preventing skin and ear infections in saturation divers, caused by exposure to pathogens under extreme living and working conditions. Several years of research have demonstrated that a single bacterial species, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, is responsible for major outbreaks of infection among these divers. We have now developed very specific analytical methods, both biochemical and genetic, to test for microbiological exposure in such environments.

We offer the following services to the offshore sector:

  • Development of guidelines for
    • water supply
    • hygiene and control of infections
    • Medical environmental control in extreme work environments
  • Microbiological analyses of
    • water systems on board vessels
    • living and working environments for saturation divers
    • infections in saturation divers

We run approved safety courses for offshore installations, floating platforms and ships.