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Smart Maritime

Smart Maritime aims to find out how we can improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions from the maritime sector.

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This Centre for Research-based Innovation (SFI) is led by Marintek, and the project will have a duration of eight years (2015 – 2023). Shipping carries no less than 80 – 90 percent of the world's freight, and if Smart Maritime successfully achieves its aims, even small improvements in the energy efficiency of the merchant fleet will make an important contribution to the international "Shift to Green".


To establish a Norwegian Centre for improved energy efficiency and reduced harmful emissions from the maritime sector. 


Greening maritime transport, enable the Norwegian maritime cluster to be world leading in 2025 in environmentally friendly shipping. This position shall be gained through innovative use, improvement and combination of technologies which are not only cost, energy and emission efficient, but which also could increase the revenues for the maritime industry.


To create innovations securing sustainability and competitiveness of the maritime transport sector. By developing new knowledge, methods and technologies and educating students (PhD, MSc). SFI Smart Maritime will contribute to strengthen the Norwegian maritime industry's international competitiveness. The Centre will collaborate closely with global industry players, national and international research communities, maritime centers, networks and clusters. 

After the eight-year SFI period, the Centre will become a permanent part of the planned Ocean Space Centre in Trondheim.

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