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Skills and services

SINTEF's marine biofouling group is led by experts in biofouling biology and ecology and supported by a wider team with strong capability in marine hydrodynamics, engineering, plankton biology, disease treatment technology, robotics and analytical programming.

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Through collaborations with the Department of Marine Resources Technology and SINTEF's Materials and Chemistry Institute we also have access to expertise and infrastructure in microbiology, biocorrosion and analytical chemistry. Through our partner organization ACE Aquaculture Engineering we have access to full-scale aquaculture R&D facilities including commercial salmon farms (research licences), field staff and a 12-m research vessel. SINTEF has modern wet and dry laboratories including controlled temperature environments with seawater supply.

We conduct biofouling-related science and R&D projects and provide consulting services to a range of clients, including:

  • the Research Council of Norway and other government grant agencies,
  • the salmon farming industry,
  • the aquaculture technology industry (e.g. net, antifouling and cleaning technology developers and suppliers)
  • the maritime oil & gas industry.

We engage in multidisciplinary research and collaborate with several universities and other science agencies. We also invest in strategic, internally funded biofouling research activities as seed and pilot activities.

Our main activities are:

  • Ecological, biological and environmental studies to better understand biofouling processes and their impacts on aquaculture operations and the environment
  • Investigating physical effects of biofouling to understand and parameterize its impact on fluid-structure interactions
  • Assisting industry with product development, evaluation and optimization for better biofouling management
  • Protocol and method development for documentation, analysis and management of biofouling,
  • Scientific advice and reviews