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How to Cool Drinks Efficiently During the Holiday Season

Kristian Solheim Thinn, a research scientist at SINTEF Energy, has scientifically determined the most effective way to cool down your favourite drink, just in time for Christmas and New Year's.

Is there anything better than a cold drink? But how long does it really take to cool it down?

"I've found the answer whether you prefer sparkling water, soda, or beer. The results might surprise you," says Kristian Solheim Thinn.


Thinn has, through meticulous testing in ice baths, water baths, snow, freezers, and refrigerators, found that the optimal cooling method depends on how cold the drink needs to be and what tools you have available.

"If you're satisfied with 9°C, a 0.33L can is cooled down in just 15 minutes in a water bath from the tap. In ice water, it only takes 5 minutes to reach 9°C. This is the serving temperature for Bavarian and pale ale," says Thinn.

Thinn also gives advice for those who prefer even colder drinks and reveals that ice water is the fastest, with 5°C achieved in just 10 minutes.

But you must be patient if you're cooling drinks in the fridge.

"You need to be well-prepared if the refrigerator is your only tool. It takes 2.5 hours to cool down to 9°C, but a full 10 hours to reach 5°C," advises Thinn. 

"If we're lucky and get a white Christmas, maybe snow is a good solution? A 0.33 can gets to 5°C in half an hour, and a 1.5-liter bottle takes 45 minutes," says Thinn.



Thinn usually researches temperature in power cables.

"In power cables, the temperature limits how much energy can be transferred. By using sensors or fiber optics, the true temperature may be measured accurately and save electric utilities a lot of money in unnecessary investments," explains Thinn.

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