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SINTEF and Sustainable Energy strengthen collaboration

Willie Wågen, CEO of Sustainable Energy and Mona Mølnvik, research director at SINTEF.
Willie Wågen, CEO of Sustainable Energy and Mona Mølnvik, research director at SINTEF.
Trondheim, 8 December 2022: a letter of intent has been signed between SINTEF and Sustainable Energy that will guarantee Norwegian industry access to relevant research and testing infrastructure. This will be necessary for realising the green shift.

“Norwegian industry must undergo a transition, and this collaboration will accelerate that. Together, we will ensure that relevant testing infrastructure within areas that are crucial for the green shift is made available to Norwegian companies,” said Willie Wågen, CEO of Sustainable Energy.

Sustainable Energy are a Norwegian catapult centre, headquartered in Stord, Norway, in close proximity to a significant proportion of Western Norway’s maritime industry.

Research areas that are particularly relevant to this collaboration include offshore wind power and energy production, future energy carriers for the maritime sector, new energy systems, CO2 capture and storage, hydrogen technology, and floating solar power.

Great opportunities

SINTEF is one of Europe’s largest research institutes, with cutting-edge expertise in technology, natural sciences and social sciences.

“SINTEF has unique areas of expertise, laboratories and infrastructure. Our research and testing infrastructure complements Sustainable Energy in both range and scale, and will support the development of new technologies and solutions from conception to commercial implementation. By making this available, we will contribute to the faster development of new, green solutions. In addition, becoming more knowledgeable about data and research challenges from technology testing will ensure that our research is up to date and relevant for future industry,” said Jack Ødegård, research director in SINTEF.

Looking towards Europe

Together, the partners will work to improve the framework conditions for guaranteeing new investments in testing facilities and research infrastructure.

“Knowing each other’s organisations enables us to complement each other, and thereby increase the impact of our respective investments,” said Mona Mølnvik, research director in SINTEF.

“We also have a concrete goal of contribute to more Norwegian and EU projects in order to benefit Norwegian industry and strengthen Norwegian companies’ international competitive ability,” said Wågen.

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