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Ambitious European battery research targets can be met

Brussels/Trondheim: The European Technology and Innovation Platform on Batteries (ETIP Batteries, Batteries Europe) has published its Strategic Research Agenda. The document sets the priorities that battery research should follow in the next years, supported by all relevant stakeholders including European, National and Regional R&I funding agencies.

- The agenda points out the key research topics which need to be addressed to support the battery value chain, and improve cost competitiveness, sustainability, safety, and reliability, says Edel Sheridan, from SINTEF who led the work on the Strategic Research Agenda in her role as the technical leader of the Batteries Europe ETIP.

A tool for decisions and prioritisations

- The Strategic Research Agenda is a tool to be utilised by research providers, policy makers, educators, industrial stakeholders and research funding authorities alike and will help guide key decisions about prioritisations. The document provides Key Performance Indicators which will support the setting of ambitious yet realistic research targets, says Sheridan.

With the increased efforts towards decarbonisation set by the EU Green Deal and the knowledge that technological progress will lead to progressive electrification, comes the requirement to immediately prioritise battery research, with a holistic approach across the entire battery value chain. Following the Platform's prerogative, the agenda identifies topics across the value chain and the relative urgency in which they need to be tackled to foster the energy transition.

Research will be key to success

- Working on the coordination and the consolidation of the Strategic Research Agenda, has provided a rich insight into the challenges and opportunities, which the stakeholders across the battery industry from raw materials to integration and recycling. Research and Innovation will play a vital role in the success of the battery industry in Europe, says Sheridan.

- On a personal level, it has been very exciting and motivating to work with the top industry and academic experts in the field who bring to the table very different perspectives and work together to define a clear vision and defined targets, she adds.

About Batteries Europe

Batteries Europe is the one-stop shop for battery research in Europe, coordinating the efforts of research centres and industry in making Europe a competitive, sustainable and self-sufficient actor in the global battery scene. The ETIP collaborates with related initiatives and associations to disseminate the scope of its work and engage in fruitful synergies in 2021.

The experts of Batteries Europe ETIP continue their work, developing Roadmaps for each segment of the Battery value chain, benchmarking and addressing cross-discipline issues including digitalisation, skills and education, safety and sustainability. If you wish to engage with Batteries Europe or to become a member, visit the Batteries Europe webpage.

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