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Award for “the world's most green solar panel”

ECO-Solar EU project - SINTEF
Project coordinator Martin Bellmann, pictured with the label awarded to the “Eco-Solar” EU Project for developing “the world’s most green solar panel”.
SINTEF has played a part in revolutionising solar panel production – and here’s the proof! In connection with the Solar Impulse Foundation’s recently-published report, the “Eco-Solar” EU Project was awarded the “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label” for developing efficient and more environmentally friendly solar panel concepts. SINTEF is the coordinator for this project.

According to the Solar Impulse Foundation the “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label” shall act as a new and reliable label that can be used on products, processes and services, representing a guarantee of quality for those wishing to implement clean solutions.

Before being awarded the label, the project was assessed by independent experts with an eye to technological practicality, environmental and socio-economic benefits and profitability. The foundation wishes to present a portfolio of such solutions to decision-makers, to encourage them to adopt much more ambitious environmental goals and energy policies.

The Eco-Solar project addressed the production and use of solar panels in the most ecologically sound way possible. Environmental impact and sustainability have been taken into account during the manufacturing process and throughout the lifetime of the solar panels. Production has become more energy- and ressource-efficient and cheaper. The overall environmental impact has been reduced by 45%, and manufacturing costs by 9%.

Throughout the project, methods have been developed to reduce the consumption of raw materials, as well as methods that make the recycling of manufacturing waste and end-of-life solar panels easier. Researchers have monitored the manufacturing process itself and identified waste streams that are expensive and otherwise difficult to recycle, in order to find other potential uses, either in the photovoltaic market or in other industry sectors.

They have also developed a concept whereby individual solar panels can be monitored so that they can be more easily identified in case of malfunction, repaired or replaced as necessary.

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