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Updated handbook on design and operation of flexible pipes

In this edition of the handbook, it is extended to include experience from the operation of flexible pipes as well as updates on methods and technology in the years since the first edition of the handbook.

High pressure flexible pipes are increasingly being used in the offshore production of oil and gas. Early experience with flexible pipes was gained since the late 1970s in relatively benign environments. A breakthrough for flexible pipes as dynamic risers in the harsh environments of the North Sea came in 1983/84 when it was decided to use a flexible dynamic riser system on the Balmoral field. Along with experiences on using flexible pipes, the need to compile information on the design and operation was released in the first issue of a Handbook in 1992.

 This is new compared to the previously accessible edition (Vol1) of 2014:  

  • Part D: Case Study (from the previously confidential Volume 2)
  • Minor editions, additions and corrections

Please download the handbook here

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