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Industrial production process for hydrogen membranes

In the project "Establishment of process for the production of membrane elements", Reinertsen, SINTEF Materials and Chemistry and SINTEF Raufoss Manufacturing cooperate to develop an industrial manufacturing process for membrane tubes for CO2 capture, using hydrogen separation.

Since the 90's, SINTEF Materials and Chemistry has worked on the development of palladium (Pd)-based membranes through several national and international projects. Technologies for producing thin films of Pd-alloy have been patented, and one of the key patents deals with processes for production of 1 to 5 micrometers thin membranes based on Pd-alloys.

Production av Pd-membranes

Reinertsen, who has secured a license for use of the patent, wants to develop an industrial process for production of Pd-membranes in the form of membrane tubes that can be used in systems for hydrogen separation, and is implementing a project to test the technology. SINTEF Materials and Chemistry is partner of Reinertsen, and SINTEF Raufoss Manufacturing contributes to the development of an industrial manufacturing process for membrane tubes. The project started in January 2015 and ends in October 2016.


The main project is supported by Gassnova and the Research Council of Norway through the program CLIMIT, and is chaired by Reinertsen. CLIMIT is the national program for research, development, piloting and demonstration of CO2 capture and storage technologies for power generation and other industrial sources.

Project Information

Project duration:

01/01/2015 - 30/09/2016