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22 September marks the official opening of SINTEF’s Brussels Office

The office is located in Brusselhuset, right in the heart of the city’s European Quarter. We will share the premises with NTNU and the University of Bergen.

- The aim is to create many more exciting research projects for Norwegian and European industry, with increased research funding, Inge Røinaas Gran, President of SINTEF Energy writes in this blog.

The EU programme Horizon 2020 (H2020) is the largest research and innovation programme in the world. Through it, 70 billion Euros will be allocated over a seven-year period. Norwegian businesses and research institutes will be able to compete for these funds on an equal footing with applicants from EU countries. The Government hopes that Norwegian projects will net at least 2 per cent of the available funding.

SINTEF has been successful, but can do even better

- Of all Norwegian research institutes, SINTEF has so far been the most successful in obtaining EU research funding, but we know we can do even better. Norwegian energy researchers are expected to be awarded a total of NOK 600 million per year of the H2020 energy funding, says Gran.

It is Research Director Petter Støa from SINTEF Energy that has moved into our Brussels Office in Rue de Trône 61. Petter Støa has worked with the EU and the Brussels establishment for some time already.

- Petter is to focus on energy research throughout SINTEF, and we believe we will benefit greatly from working alongside NTNU, our close ally in the energy field, says Gran.

- Carrying on successful research in Europe means more than just writing good applications. You also need to be involved in agenda-setting processes while increasing your involvement in important networks. Having a physical presence in Brussels enables us to do this more effectively, and this is perhaps the greatest benefit of the new office.

The office will be formally opened on 22 September by Vidar Helgesen, the Norwegian Minister for European Economic Area and EU Affairs.

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