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The European project NANOMED2020s core mission is to federate the nanomedicine community. The projects newly released Map provides thorough insights into the existing nanomedicine community by introducing on a single chart all the ecosystem‘s actors in Europe and beyond. The Map reveals the European landscape and potential for Nanomedicine collaboration, as never seen before.

This reference tool aims at increasing awareness, providing new networking opportunities, and at initiating fruitful partnerships.

With the NanoMed Map, the nanomedicine community wins its own exploration tool displaying the top 1500 European actors in the field of nanomedicine, ranging from research centres and academia to SMEs and industries, from associations and clusters to healthcare providers, public and funding authorities. Such exhaustive mapping wouldn’t have been possible without extensive collaborations over the past nine months, surveys consolidations, online data and literature review. Overall, more than 500 industrial players and SMEs having a direct link or activity with the field have been identified, together with nearly a thousand actors conducting research of excellence across Europe in Laboratories or Research Centres.

The intrinsic value of such feature does not reside only in the many dots on the map, but in the detailed and easily accessible information about the actors’ research activities, products, areas of activities and specific transversal expertise. This Nanomed Map is therefore a real instrument for any nanomedicine enthusiast to find the right contact or partner for collaborative work.

Olivier Fontaine, responsible of the mapping activity under NANOMED2020, stated: “We are very proud to finally release the first European Nanomedicine Map, the result of significant work and scrutiny led by the NANOMED2020 Consortium. We now invite the nanomedicine actors to navigate through the map and eventually amend or add their entries. This feedback is crucial to guarantee an up-to-date dynamic tool for the community and the national authorities and to raise awareness among the general public.”

As partner of the European project NANOMED2020, SINTEF was involved in establishing this important tool. SINTEF both contributed by mapping the Norwegian actors in the field of nanomedicine and by defining various types of surveys.

Ruth Schmid, SINTEFs responsible for the project stated: "This map of the European nanomedicine community and all its activities is of great value for SINTEF and all Norwegian nanomedicine players, as it provides networking opportunities and an overview over essential infrastructure and opens for finding collaborators for new international project cooperation and fruitful partnerships with experts in specific areas."

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01/09/2012 - 28/02/2014

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