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Important information to our visitors

SINTEF are following the guidelines issued by the authorities. We kindly ask you to make yourself familiar with our guidelines for infection control through posters in our facilities, and information given by your contact person.

Complete guidelines from the government: Thank you all for contributing towards a positive and responsible reopening.

Your host

Your host shall:

  • brief you about emergency exits and evacuation routes
  • make sure that you are given and use essential protective equipment in areas where this is mandatory

Please follow instructions given by SINTEF employees.

Security and ICT

  • Visitors must display their visitors' cards/labels where they are easily visible.
  • It is prohibited for visitors to access our data network.
  • Visitors may use our wireless guest network to access the internet on our premises.


  • We protect the interests of our client and business partners.
  • All access to information and premises at SINTEF is controlled and protected. We ask you to respect our security regulations.
  • Photography on SINTEF's premises is only permitted by prior agreement.

In an emergency

Emergency numbers: Ambulance: 113 - Fire: 110 - Police: 112

SINTEF Emergency number:
73 53 50 00 (24h Alarm Center)