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Work Physiology

The activities in the High North increases. The extreme climate creates major challenges for working conditions. SINTEF has knowledge of work and health, and we develope smart and protective solutions for people working under extreme climate conditions.

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Within health promotion and preventive work there are significant challenges. There is a need for knowledge about the effect of measures, both at the workplace and for people with chronic disorders and reduced functional levels in the home.

Our research community on work physiology studies how the body works during work and rest, and by exposure to various environmental conditions. This knowledge is used for:

  • studies of performance, health and risk related to physical work environment, especially in the North
  • development of smart protective solutions (clothing and personal protective equipment) for people working under extreme climate conditions (SmartWear)
  • health promotion and prevention of accidents/injuries and illnesses
  • developing measures and evaluating the impact of measures that include both physical activity and welfare technology for people with reduced functional levels (COPD, dementia, rheumatism, disabilities)
  • evaluation and validation of physiological sensors
  • standardised testing of immersion suits, personal fluids (life jackets etc.) and clothing for protection against cold.

The Work Physiology Laboratory is fully equipped for physiological measurements including body temperature, heart rate, metabolism, EMG, and lung function. The same measurements are also performed in the field or at the workplace using light portable equipment.

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