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Safety management

Safety management has to do with the improvement of safety culture, work processes and decicion-making processes in public and private organizations. SINTEF develops knowledge, methods and tools within this area.

Our work is research-based. We build on knowledge about how organizational culture, human interaction and worker involvement are critical factors for efforts to improve safety and quality. We believe that high-quality, error-free performance are the results of good work processes. Therefore, we focus on developing good work processes and understanding the framework conditions that contribute to good work processes.

We regard the following factors to be important for safety management

  • Long-term goals with the users of safety management systems at the center.
  • Continuous improvement of work processes
  • Employee involvement in work and development processes
  • Continuous learning in a creative environment
  • Innovative thinking

Organisations face an increasingly complex world with changing demands, needs and expectations. This require organisations that are robust and resilient in their ability to

  • Deal with unforeseen challenges and/or incidents
  • Quickly make right decisions

Research areas