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Risk and Vulnerability

The demand for safety is increasing in modern society. In the department of Safety Research, we see it as our mission to reduce the risk for loss of life in the world around us. We develop new knowledge and new solutions in the interface between man, technology, organisation and society. Our goal is to be a center of gravity for safety research in Norway, with researchers who are internationally recognized within their respective fields.

Our researchers cover a wide variety of disciplines, but the common denominator of all our employees is top competence on the assessment, monitoring and management of risk.

  • We develop models, methods, databases, and standards for proactive management of safety and reliability.
  • We develop theoretical perspectives improving our understanding of how safety is created and recreated.
  • Our employees are educated within engineering disciplines, mathematical statistics, epidemiology as well as social and organisational science.
  • Our most important customers are within industry (offshore and onshore), transport and the public sector.

Research areas