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Medical Technology

SINTEF do research and develop solutions for new and improved ultrasound imaging in connection with the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of clinical applications, such as neurosurgery, laparoscopic surgery, endovascular procedures, bronchoscopy, bone and MR-guided focused ultrasound treatment.

We have expertise in the combination of ultrasound images with other medical data, such as MRI, multi detector CT, cone beam CT, functional data (fMRI, PET, etc) and endoscopic images (microscope, laparoscope, bronchoscope, flexible endoscopy). Ultrasound Research at SINTEF deals with improved diagnostics, new probe technology, efforts to enhance the image quality, ultrasound as a tool for guidance of interventions on patient, ultrasound simulation based on CT, development of new imaging techniques, contrast bubbles and ultrasound in conjunction with targeted delivery of drugs using new contrast bubbles.

Research Areas