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Image guided therapy

Image-guided therapy helps medical staff to look behind the surface of the skin and deep into the body. It can be compared with the GPS in a car. It makes surgery safer and in many cases less invasive. By connecting the CT or MR images taken before surgery, with the patient during surgery, the surgeon can plan the operation better and avoid damaging important structures during the operation. In addition, ultrasound recording during surgery make the image guided therapy safer and help the surgeon to remove a major portion of the tumor.

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Scientists at SINTEF have been involved in developing image guidance and treatment equipment in the world class. The combination of ultrasound and navigation has resulted in a spin off and SINTEF has since more than ten years played a key role in the National Center for Ultrasound and Image Guided Therapy.

We also have experience in using ultrasound to activate medicine encapsulated in nano particles. Using ultrasound the targeting of nanoparticles are imaged and the same ultrasound probe is used to activate the drug contained inside them.

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