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Barrier management

Barriers are planned measures to regain control, prevent defined situations of hazards and accidents to develop, or limit consequences of unwanted situations. Barrier management consists of the activities that need to be carried out to make sure that barriers perform their intended function at all times.

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The department of Safety Research has a strong focus on barrier management through several projects for the Petroleum Safety Authority and companies in the oil and gas industry. We have solid competence in most aspects of risk and safety, enabling us to establish the link between the assessment of risk and the identification of barriers. The department is highly multidisciplinary, allowing us to address the crucial interplay between operational, organizational and technical barrier elements. We have also worked extensively with the follow-up of safety systems in operation.

Key projects related to barrier management

  • Innovation project: "Tools and guidelines for comprehensive barrier management and reduction of major accident risk in the petroleum industry (2012-2015)
  • Project for the Petroleum Safety Authority considering the link between barrier management and maintenance management
  • Assisting Eni in the implementation of barrier management at Goliat.

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