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Accident investigation and learning

An old saying states that fools never learn, the smart ones learn from his own mistakes, while the wise learn from others' mistakes. The purpose of investigating accidents and near misses is not to find scapegoats, but to prevent similar accidents or incidents from reocurring.

In recent years, both the private and public sectors have become increasingly aware of the need to identify the underlying (organisational) causes of accidents. With this in mind, SINTEF has participated in the investigation of a number of accidents and near misses within aviation, maritime transport, the railways and in road traffic.

The broad competence in SINTEF/NTNU puts us in a unique position to contribute to complicated investigations. In order to paint comprehensive picture of accidents and incidents, several fields of expertise are required:

  • Investigation methods
  • Safety management
  • Quality management and quality assurance
  • Organisational theoryHuman factors

Research areas