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We have extensive experience in line management and management of Lean processes. Our strength is that we adapt Lean work within companies to the current situation and degree of Lean-maturity.

All of our Lean-consultants have extensive practical experience in line management and management of Lean processes in various Norwegian and international companies. We have a number of Lean-researchers as well, which enables us to offer unique expertise that combines the experience of our consultants with research.

What is Lean?

Lean is both an overarching philosophy for interaction of work and organization, as well as a number of tools that can be implemented at a more operational level. By balancing the philosophical standpoint and improvements at operational level, organisations can achieve development, which will further strengthen the organization's competitiveness.

The improvements must be firmly rooted in all levels of the organization. This can be achieved by focusing on people, through mutual respect, the delegation of challenges and cultivating the best in each individual. Lean emphasizes a long-term perspective where improvements are well rooted in levels of the organization. It focuses on:

  • Efficient flow of goods and services through systematic improvement
  • Increased value creation with less work
  • Involvement of employees
  • Focus on quality and reduction of waste

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