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CO2-capture: Process modelling and simulation

Modelling is important for understand the mechanisms associated with the separation of CO2 from large point sources such as fossil fuel power plants, steel works and similar. Modelling tools can be used for plant design process optimization and system improvement. SINTEF has developed a simulation software package, CO2SIM, for simulation of absorption based CO2 capture, tailored for this purpose.

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SINTEF has experience in:

  • Modelling of thermodynamic systems, kinetics and transport properties
  • Solvent development and testing
  • Modelling of mass and energy balances for unit processes and process flow sheets
  • Detailed models of reactors and equipment for separation and heat transfer
  • Models of dynamic effects in unit processes and in processing plants
  • Analysis, benchmarking and techno-economic evaluation of chemical plants
  • Validation of models and proof of concept studies
  • Create models from experimental data to be used for process simulation


CO2SIM is a flowsheet simulator that is continuously under development at SINTEF. It is today an advanced platform for modelling CO2 absorption processes.

The software is used as an important part of the research strategy in SINTEF to develop new solvents and concepts for CO2 capture. It contains models for detailed simulation of thermodynamic vapour-liquid equilibrium (VLE), reaction kinetics and transport properties. The simulator is numerically stable which makes it possible to simulate complex configurations for process optimization.

CO2SIM uses methods for - batch simulation of pilot results for validation and verification of new solvent models.

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