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Sustainable polymer technolgies

The knows the importance of developing knowledge about impact of plastic on the environment is and technology to create sustainable solutions for the future. Our fundamental and applied research in sustainable polymer technology uses our wide expertise in areas such as New fossil free polymers, Recycling technology, Marine and land plastic pollution and Plastics in society.

New fossil free polymers

SINTEF works on the development of polymer systems derived from alternatives to fossil fuels. We work on biomass conversion via fermentation and catalysis routes , GHG derived chemistry for polymer synthesis and bio polymers and biobased hydrogels from aliginates, keratin, chitosan and other bio-resources.

Recycling technology

SINTEF has worked closely with industry partners to develop world leading technologies in automatic optical sensing and sorting of plastic materials in waste streams. We work with public and private organisations on collection and sorting logistics of waste plastic and develop support for optimised value chains. We also work on materials recovery and recycling using thermal, mechanical and chemical recycling techniques.

Marine and land plastic pollution

Challenges related to marine littering and pollution must be solved to realize the sustainable bio-marine growth needed for the future. SINTEF has expertise in the sources and spreading of marine and land pollution. We have considerable materials characterisation and identification facilities and knowledge and laboratories simulating marine and land environments and knowledge on the degradation process, time and the formation of microplatics. We use this knowledge to provide out customers decision support to make more environmentally favourable choices in their product design.

Plastics in society

Plastics are associated with an economic model of "take, make, dispose" is reaching its physical limits and must be replaced. Resource scarcity, climate changes, waste accumulation and pollution are challenges that our society will face in the near future. A change towards circular economy will be crucial for value creation, economic growth and waste- and resource management in the coming decades. SINTEF researchers work on developing sustainable business and technology solution for a circular economy.