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Iron and steel

SINTEF offers recognized expertise in combination with unique laboratory facilities within iron and steel research.

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Steel is the world's most important structural material because of its high strength in relation to its weight and price. In addition steel is 100% recyclable and has for a long time formed part of an efficient eco-cycle and is constantly used for new products within all areas of society.

This material is used in all sorts of applications ranging from the highest buildings and longest constructions (pipelines) as well as in automotive, trains and ships. Steel is extensively used as a structural material in buildings and infrastructure constructions, shipbuilding and marine constructions, platforms, wind power structures, pipelines and subsea constructions. Cast Iron is used in several civil applications; examples are stoves, fireplaces and engine components.

  • Primary production and process metallurgy
  • Casting and forming
  • Welding and thermal treatment
  • Product performance including structural response and material integrity
  • Surface technology and corrosion protection
  • Physical metallurgy, material characterization and testing
  • Material selection and qualification
  • Numerical modeling and software development

In our projects we work in close cooperation with our customers to share knowledge and provide new ideas and solutions.