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Failure investigations

Failure analysis can provide valuable information, helping prevent future events. An unbiased investigation of the failure can be useful in determining responsibility for the failure, minimizing conflict.

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Failures sometimes involve mechanisms that are not addressed in engineering standards. With their cross-disciplinary competences and having made a profession of studying new physical phenomena, SINTEF researchers are well prepared to see through unusual failure mechanisms.

SINTEF Industry has competence in the following fields:

  • Optic and electronic microscopy (SEM,STMEPMA, TEM, EBSD,WDS,...)•
  • Metallography, identification of crystalline phases (XRD), hardness mapping
  • Chemical analyses, mass spectrometry, in situ IR and UV
  • Fatigue, fracture, corrosion, stress corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement in metallic materials
  • Tensile and fracture tests of polymers
  • Static and dynamic analyses of structures, crash analyses
  • Statistical analyses
  • Fractography (micro- and macro scale)
  • Qualitative and quantitative metallography
  • Numerical modelling of materials, from the atomic to the continuum scale

SINTEF will maintain strict confidentiality as needed.

SINTEF Industry has worked with damage analysis for over 60 years, and it experience includes the following:

  • Buckling of steel pipings under internal pressure
  • Crack development in a warm water tank subject to thermal stresses
  • Unwanted chemical process in the annulus of flexible pipes
  • Tearing of polymer sheaths in flexible pipelines
  • Torsion of flexible pipes and umbilicals under load out operations
  • Damage of pressure tanks
  • Fatigue of the insulators in power lines
  • Fatigue and overload of bolts – in the regulator of a water turbine, and in other situations
  • Subsurface fatigue failure in hardened ship engine gear
  • Failure of copper water pipes
  • HISC failure at Åsgard's subsea hub
  • Damage to pipelines from ship anchor impact
  • Fatigue and residual stresses in offshore jackets

For more information, please refer to our Failure investigation fact sheet