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Top and Fault Seals quality analysis and capacity prediction

In the past 15 years we build up a unique methodology for top and fault seals geological and petrophysical characterization, effective properties evaluation and estimation of their hydrocarbon column holding capacity at present and on geological time scale. Our unconventional approach and tools give us a possibility to make a precise and realistic quantitative estimation of seal quality index and at early exploration stages.

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Our approach is based on our understanding for complexity and sensitivity of top and fault seals to small contrasts in their total permeability when leakage process is considered on geological time scale.

Our methodology and developed tools allow us in process of seal risk evaluation to account for different factors forming and impacting the final effective flow properties of the seals such as primary sedimentation, post-sedimentation reworking of mud-rich sediments, lithological heterogeneity, mechanical compaction, diagenesis and chemical diagenesis, fracturing and stress-deformation control on effective permeability of fault seals.