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Security of Electricity Supply

Tomorrow’s electrical power system must be able to handle greater variations in power and energy flows, as well as the introduction of new smart components and technologies.

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This means that both the power system itself, and its operation, are in a state of change, at the same time as the impact of climate change is expected to accelerate.

Society at large is reliant on a secure and stable supply of electricity at an acceptable cost. In accordance with prevailing targets and strategies, the aim is to achieve an adequate level of supply security by increasing focus on the use of renewable energy sources and the integration of distributed generation. This is anticipated to result in increased levels of power imports and exports, changes in power flow, the introduction of new generation and loads that are by nature far less stable, combined with closer connections to ICT infrastructures linked to smart grids. The achievement of these strategies will thus create new challenges for the development and operation of the power system. Security of electricity supply is being challenged by factors such as the accelerated impact of climate change and an ageing infrastructure. Under such circumstances, meeting society's ever-increasing demand for secure electricity supplies represents a challenge.

The power system of tomorrow is now being built, and decisions surrounding the major investments to be made in the years ahead will be crucial to guaranteeing adequate supply security. R&D carried out by SINTEF Energy Research in the field of Security of Electricity Supply includes the development of indicators, methodologies, databases, tools and decision-making support for:

  • Security of electricity supply analyses (reliability of supply and voltage quality)

  • Quality of supply regulation

  • Risk and vulnerability analysis

  • Interruption costs analysis

  • Fault and interruption statistics, reliability data modelling

  • Fault and interruption management in smart grids

  • Cyber security