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Power system measurements and troubleshooting

Society has become increasingly dependent on a stable electricity supply where the power grid and electrical appliances / equipment functions without disturbing each other.

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In addition to traditional challenges concerning weak distribution grids and disturbing equipment, more energy efficient appliances and renewable energy generation introduces new voltage quality related challenges. Increased used of power electronics, and more complex and sensitive equipment has recently also been seen to cause high frequency disturbances that cause appliances to malfunction.

SINTEF Energy Research has for the last 30 years been involved in many troubleshooting cases, research projects, and as a consultant in voltage quality related cases. This includes independent voltage quality verification, analysis and evaluation of voltage quality, research on the sources of voltage quality disturbances, creation of simplified planning criteria and guidelines to prevent voltage quality issues, creation of trouble shooting guidelines, and finding solutions to improve voltage quality in selected installations.

To measure and analyse voltage quality SINTEF is using some of the most sophisticated voltage quality measurement systems currently available. The measurement system continuously measures voltage, current and voltage quality parameters with up to 50 kHz sampling rate, and transmits and stores the measurement data in a database. Over the last 10 years this has resulted in a comprehensive measurement database, which is a used as a source for information in further measurement and troubleshooting cases. SINTEF also has access to laboratories, which is i.e. used for testing and measuring on appliances, and has extensive knowledge on the use of several simulation programs, including in house developed and world leading analysis functionality.

SINTEF has extensive knowledge and experience though over 30 years of voltage quality research projects and troubleshooting cases for Norwegian industry and Norwegian utilities. We also have access to world leading research communities in power system components that impact voltage quality, and cooperate with some of the word leading voltage quality research communities.