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Power Electronics

The conversion of electric power by means of power electronics (converters) is playing an increasingly important role in various parts of the power system.

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Examples include the integration of renewable power plants, high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission and electrification of the oil and gas sector.

Commonly, electrical energy must pass through several power electronic conversion stages on its journey from generation to the consumer. The demand for reliable energy conversion components is thus growing rapidly. Furthermore, we also encounter power electronics in our daily lives, such as when we recharge our mobile phones or electric car batteries, and operate our household appliances.

Our services

SINTEF has wide-ranging experience in the development of converters and converter components for the industrial sector. We develop prototypes for research purposes and application-specific converters for commercial companies.

We also have extensive experience from industrial sector projects involving the analysis of complex power grids containing converters.

In terms of research, we prioritise fields that we believe will be key to the successful implementation of power conversion for the renewable sector, electrification of the transport sector and improved efficiency in the processing industry.

Among our prioritised R&D fields are component reliability and lifetime prediction, the improvement of numerical simulation models, robust control systems for converter operation in power grids, as well as hardware and software for real-time converter operation.


  • We assist the industrial sector with the development and testing of new converter products, including converter components such as inductors and transformers 
  • We develop complete converter prototypes (for power circuitry and control hardware/software) for laboratory purposes and special applications 
  • Analysis and verification studies (mainly numerical simulations) of complex power grids and plants in order to resolve potential problems linked to converter operation 
  • Characterisation of new power semiconductor devices, such as wide bandgap, with reference to various applications.
  • We use special laboratories and equipment for power semiconductor reliability testing, pressure-tolerant power electronics for subsea applications, and carry out converter system integration by means of hardware-in-the-loop testing.


  • One accomplished and one ongoing R&D project focusing on power semiconductor reliability and life-time prediction
  • One accomplished and one ongoing R&D project on pressure tolerant power electronics.
  • Ongoing research projects on development and analysis of control strategies for Virtual Synchronous Machines. 
  • Ongoing research project focusing on HVDC technologies