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Energy systems analysis

On the basis of our experience from developments in the Nordic energy market, which is one of the first efficient markets of its type, we provide analyses for a society in a constant state of change.

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We generate scenarios for a future Nordic and European energy system, taking the energy sector's "green" revolution into account. The scenarios are based on a large-scale integration of renewable energy sources and will enable our clients to achieve reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. This is the basis for identifying future challenges and for arriving at systems that will facilitate the achievement of an efficient and sustainable energy market, and energy systems, for the future.

Our work is in the following fields:

  • Market analyses and transmission grid analyses
  • Energy systems analyses
  • Future scenario development
  • Stochastic modelling of renewable energy sources

We typically carry out the following types of project:

  • Scenario development
  • Strategies for the future development of energy systems
  • Renewable energy analyses

Why choose SINTEF?

SINTEF has extensive experience in the development of scenarios linked to energy systems. Our robust portfolio of modelling approaches, combined with dependable renewable energy databases, enable us to offer our clients world-class energy systems analyses.

Who are our clients?

  • The EU
  • The Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy
  • Nordic Energy Research
  • Transmission System Operators
  • Electricity producers

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