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Electric and hybrid marine power systems

Electric and hybrid marine power systems for increased flexibility and reduced emissions and fuel consumption.

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The trend of the last decades has been increased use of hybrid electric propulsion systems, for the most part powered by diesel engines or gas turbines.

However, vessels with other power sources such as fuel cells have been introduced and now we see an increased number of vessels powered by chargeable batteries. The main motivations for the electrification are reduced emissions and fuel consumption, more flexible ship design and less wear and tear on machinery.

SINTEF has relevant expertise to offer for realizing the electric and hybrid power systems of the future. SINTEF has competence on power electronic converters (drives), power converter control, power management systems as well as integration of energy storage (e.g. batteries) in ship power systems.

SINTEF has been involved in development of hybrid power systems for marine applications, both battery and fuel cell integrated with diesel generators. SINTEF has also been deeply involved in development of the first wireless charging concept for battery powered marine vessels as well as in research on reliability of power electronics.

Laboratory set-up at SINTEF Energy Research.